About Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM

Michael Applebaum, MD, JD, FCLM is a medical doctor and a lawyer.

He has earned seven separate fitness certifications, more than any other medical doctor.

Following a partially successful open-heart surgery, he was unhappy with the cardiac rehab program prescribed by his physicians.

So he developed his own.

His results were so striking that strangers approached him asking for help.

Among their requests was help in losing weight.

Since simple weight loss is the easiest part of any fitness program and people overwhelmingly fail, Dr. Applebaum investigated the diet recommendations of the experts.

His conclusion is that the diet experts, including doctors, diet gurus, the government and the pharmaceutical industry, have been misleading us with bad weight loss advice based on a simple mistake.  

(For examples of how substantial the consequences of a simple mistake can be, click here, here, here (Popeye) and here, here, here (NASA).)

The consequences of their bad advice are: impossible to follow diets, unnecessary surgeries, needless drugging, decreased participation in life, greater weight gain, suffering, illness and death from continuing overweight and obesity.

Dr. Applebaum is the author of four fitness books: Why Diets Fail: The Simple Mistake That Ruins Millions Of Lives, MASSematics tm: How To Get Rich By Not Dieting, The FitnessMed tm Guide To Healthy Eating and Be Your Own Personal Trainer ("BYOPT tm").

His books are available at www.FitnessMed.com

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